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Terms and conditions


COMPANY - SIA Optic Guru, reg. No. 50103179811, legal address: Mednieku Street 21/23, Ogre, LV-5001.

INTERNET SHOP - COMPANY maintained website, where it is possible to purchase the GOODS;

GOODS - INTERNET WAREHOUSE offered goods and services;

CLIENT - a person who wishes to purchase or has purchased the GOOD (s);

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - these are Terms of Use of the Internet Store, which is a distance contract between the USER and the COMPANY;




2.1.         THE RULES regulate the legal relations between the CLIENT and the COMPANY in relation to the GOODS and their delivery.


2.2.         The CLIENT is forbidden to disclose to third parties the INTERNET SHOP user's access data. THE CLIENT is informed and agrees that all the activities carried out at THE INTERNET SHOP, using the USER'S data, are binding to the USER and will be considered USER's.

2.3.         THE COMPANY undertakes to comply with and fulfil its PRIVACY AND PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY.



3.1.         Information about the GOOD and its price is given in the INTERNET SHOP next to the respective GOOD. Prices for goods and deliveries are valid at the time of order. THE COMPANY has the right to change the prices indicated on the INTERNET SHOP at its discretion at any time, and the changes do not apply to the made and paid orders.

3.2.         Prices are shown in euro (EUR) and include value added tax (VAT). Delivery costs are shown separately from the price of the GOODS.

3.3.         In the INTERNET SHOP the CLIENT takes the order by placing it in the shopping cart. The CLIENT has the option to continue to choose other GOODS before making the payment.

3.4.         At the time of placing the order, the CLIENT must indicate the type and address of the receipt of the goods.

3.5.         The CLIENT shall make the payment for the goods and their delivery using one of the payment methods indicated in INTERNET SHOP.

3.6.         THE PURCHASE ORDER shall be regarded as accomplished and becomes binding on the CLIENT and the COMPANY at the time when the COMPANY has received the payment for the GOODS and their delivery.

3.7.         COMPANY will send confirmation of the order to the E-MAIL indicated by the CLIENT.

3.8.         After the COMPANY has received all payments for the GOODS and their DELIVERY, the COMPANY will deliver the ordered GOODS to the place of receipt indicated by the CLIENT.       The CLIENT is bound by the rules of the supplier of goods (for example, working hours, time when goods are to be removed, etc.). The delivery method and shipping time depend on the type of delivery chosen.

3.9.         If the CLIENT has selected a prepayment invoice at the time of the order, then the invoice is valid and shall be paid no later than within 10 days from the date of sending the invoice. The date when the COMPANY has received money for the GOODS and delivery is considered the date of payment.

3.10.      When choosing a GOOD, the CLIENT confirms that he or she has got a recipe issued by a competent eye doctor or optometrist indicating the required properties of the item. The CLIENT orders the product according to the recipe and instructions of the consultant eye doctor or optometrist. The COMPANY does not change GOODS which THE CLIENT has ordered incorrectly or without a proper recipe.



4.1.         The delivery of the GOODS may be subject to a charge depending on the type of delivery chosen and the place of receipt. The delivery fee, if any, is shown at the time of ordering the item and to the indicated place of delivery.

4.2.         Delivery of the item is carried out only after the reception of full payment for the GOOD and its delivery.

4.3.         When choosing a courier delivery, the CLIENT is obliged to specify accurate and complete information of the place of delivery (including the door code, floor, precise entry of the building, if there are several buildings, etc.). The Company is not responsible for the delay in delivery if this is due to incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the CLIENT.

4.4.         Regardless of the type of delivery, the CLIENT is obliged to check, before acceptance of the GOODS, that the package of the GOOD is integral, intact. If a damage to the packaging or other inconsistencies have been discovered, the CLIENT must indicate it in the delivery document and notify the COMPANY.

4.5.         If in such a case the COMPANY cannot provide the CLIENT with the ordered GOOD, then the COMPANY has the right, upon the CLIENT's consent, to deliver another GOOD at an equivalent price to the CLIENT.

4.6.         THE COMPANY has the right not to deliver the GOOD, if the CLIENT has not paid the full price of GOODS and the delivery of GOODS, as well as if the CLIENT has not paid full amount for the previously ordered GOODS and their delivery.



5.1.         The CLIENT has the possibility to order the GOODS in the INTERNET SHOP for a certain period ahead and pay in the form of a post-pay. In this case, the TRADE ORDER enters into force after the COMPANY has received the first part of the due payment for the GOOD.

5.2.         In case of subscribing for the GOODS, the CLIENT is obligated to make all payments according to the order, i.e. to make full payment for the GOODS.

5.3.         The settlement with the CLIENT takes place in the online payment system, where the CLIENT must take all necessary actions. THE CLIENT agrees that the COMPANY and the specified e-billing system have the right to withhold from the CLIENT the agreed subscription payment for the GOODS.

5.4.         The COMPANY, after the CLIENT has ordered the SUBSCRIBTION of GOODS and paid the first part of payment, will deliver the first part of the ordered GOODS to the CLIENT. The COMPANY will deliver each following part of the GOODS according to the CLIENT’s schedule.

5.5.         In the case of SUBSCRIPTION OF GOODS a no-term subscription contract is concluded between the COMPANY and the CLIENT. And both, the COMPANY and the CLIENT, has the right to stop the subsequent delivery of the GOODS unilaterally, and has the right to terminate the distance contract without any reason by notifying the other part in writing (including by e-mail) at least 10 days in advance. The CLIENT has the right to suspend the SUBMISSION of GOODS for a period of 3 months in each calendar year, notifying the COMPANY at least 10 days before the current (scheduled) date of delivery of the GOODS.

5.6.         If the CLIENT does not fulfil or improperly fulfils his payment obligations arising from the distance contract, the COMPANY has the right to transfer to the debt recovery company of its choice all the necessary data about the CLIENT and his GOODS order in order to process the delayed payments with the possible insertion of the CLIENT’S data in the public debtors' databases.



6.1.         Only those CLIENTS who are consumers can use the right of withdrawal.

6.2.         The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from the purchase agreement within 14 days from the date of receipt of the GOODS (part of GOODS) (notifying the COMPANY about it).

6.3.         If the consumer uses the "SUBSCRIPTION OF THE GOODS" service, then the consumer has the right to refuse the goods received and to demand the corresponding repayment of the purchase price of the GOODS even after the expiration of the termination of the rights of withdrawal referred to in paragraph 5.5 of the Terms, provided that all of the following conditions are met:

(a) The product has not been opened and damaged

b) The GOOD is not used and damaged and

(c) THE COMPANY receives the relevant GOOD within 14 days from the date of the receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

6.4.         If the consumer wishes to use the right of withdrawal, then he must send to the COMPANY a completed right of withdrawal form or an e-mail to indicating the consumer's personal data, contact details, the name of the purchased GOOD, the purchase price, the consumer's bank account number and the notice of resignation from the GOODS purchase contract.

6.5.         In the event of cancellation, the COMPANY shall repay the paid amount of money for the GOOD no later than within 14 days from the notice of the use of the right of withdrawal, the GOOD itself and other necessary information.

6.6.         The consumer is obliged to deliver the GOOD to the COMPANY within 14 days from sending the written refusal (if the consumer has received the GOOD). The COMPANY has the right not to refund the consumer the amount paid for the GOOD until the consumer has delivered it to the COMPANY.

6.7.         The GOOD should preferably be returned in complete and intact packaging. The return of the GOODS must be carried by mail or direct delivery to the COMPANY's registered office, and the consumer shall bear the return costs.

6.8.         The consumer, using the right of withdrawal, is responsible for any reduction in the value of the GOOD if the GOOD has been used in a manner inconsistent with the principle of good faith, including purposes other than finding out the features and operation of the GOODS.

6.9.         The right of withdrawal cannot be used in cases when it has been set by the Law. For example, the right of withdrawal cannot be used for individually ordered and manufactured contact lenses (for example, toric, astigmatic, multifocal).



7.1.         All personal data entered in the INTERNET SHOP are protected under the established COMPANY POLICY, as well as in accordance with the Laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and European Union relating to privacy or the protection of personal data.

7.2.         By registering with INTERNET SHOP and / or using the INTERNET SHOP, the CLIENT therefore expresses or continues to consent to:

  1.             The CLIENT is familiar with these TERMS and POLICY;
  2.             The COMPANY carries out the processing of the relevant CLIENT's personal data within the scope and extent specified in the RULES and POLICY;
  3.              The CLIENT declares that he is informed and agrees to transfer his personal data to personal data operators who provide services on behalf and under the authorization of the COMPANY (for example, the Goods Supplier and courier, the Place of Issue of Goods, payment processing companies, etc.).



8.1.         The GOOD has got a standard manufacturer's warranty, if so provided.

8.2.         The CLIENT has the right to apply for a GOOD’s non-conforming contract within 24 months from the date of delivery of the GOOD.

8.3.         When applying to the manufacturer or the COMPANY for a claim that the GOOD is not in conformity with the terms of the contract, the CLIENT shall attach a copy of the document certifying the transaction to the claim application.

8.4.         The COMPANY invoices are prepared electronically and are valid without signatures. Invoices are sent to the e-mail indicated by the CLIENT during the INTERNET SHOP registration.

8.5.         If the CLIENT does not comply or improperly complies with the RULES, violates the requirements of the regulations, has caused losses or damage to the COMPANY or third parties, the COMPANY has the right to refuse the provision of services to the CLIENT, supply of GOODS, deny access to the INTERNET SHOP, and unilaterally cancel orders.

8.6.         All intellectual property rights in the INTERNET SHOP and the content contained therein are exclusively owned by the COMPANY.

8.7.         All disputes arising between the CLIENT on the one hand and the COMPANY or the Supplier of Goods on the other hand are primarily resolved by negotiations or in accordance with the RULES and the Laws of the Republic of Latvia, the European Union.



In case of any questions, requests or comments regarding these terms of use, please contact us by e-mail