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Extend the lifespan of your glasses

Nothing lifts the mood more than new glasses which fit well and are comfortable, look great and provide a clear view of the world. Unfortunately, when wearing glasses day to day, we often forget that glasses demand great care and frequently we have to admit that they do not look as "fresh" as before. Our vision is also not as clear if the optical lenses are scraped and suffering from wear and tear. This is why we’d like to remind you of a few simple facts that can help to extend the lifespan of your relationship between you and your new glasses!

1) When you are not using your glasses, keep them in your case. If you put your glasses on the table, never place them with the lenses facing downwards as they could suffer mechanical damage. If you wear glasses only for close distances and tend to hang them on a neck chain or string, make sure that they do not scrape the surface of a table when sitting down.

2) Always keep a microfiber cloth in your eyeglass case for cleaning dirt off lenses when needed. Get rid of the bad habit of wiping your glasses on anything. Shirt sleeves, scarves, paper towels and handkerchiefs or even underwear are not suitable for cleaning glasses! By using them to clean optical lenses, they can become dirtier and scratched even faster as clothing may have hard-to-see dirt on it which leaves a bad scratch on your expensive glasses.

3) Do not hold glasses by the hinges while cleaning, instead hold the frame carefully. Use a special microfiber cloth and lens cleaning solution for cleaning optical lenses.

4) When putting on and taking off glasses, hold them by both frame handles. Otherwise, they will become loose, the glasses will start slipping off your nose and wearing them will be uncomfortable. By continuously taking glasses off with one hand, the handles might not handle the pressure and can break.

5) Do you like dreaming? So do we. Scientists say that we see dreams well even without glasses, so always take off your glasses before going to bed to avoid deforming them. This ruins the frame which is hard to fix even for an optician.

6) Unfortunately, there still are no glasses that even Chuck Norris could not scratch. There are, however, lenses with premium quality coatings which significantly extend the lifespan of glasses: they will become easier to clean and more resistant to scratches! To find out more about various optical lens coatings, click here.


7) Do not leave your glasses or sunglasses on your car's dashboard or just in the car on hot summer days! Heat and sun rays can damage both the eyeglass frame by deforming it and the optical lens coating as the lenses can crack. Keep your glasses away from great heat and take them off when using a hair dryer. Be careful at campfires, fireplaces and stoves when opening them, hot steam can ruin the optical lens coating.  Freezing temperatures can also damage glasses!

8) If you ever feel that your glasses don’t fit on your face as well as before and the handles are slightly deformed, take the glasses to an optician or an eyeglass maker who will bend the handles and, if necessary, change the nose pads.

9) Have you seen those millions of people who put glasses on their head? If you want to use your glasses for a long time, never do that! The eyeglass handles will become extended, and suddenly you will feel the glasses slipping off your nose. By using glasses like this, you can also scratch the optical lenses, vision will become worse and having glasses that constantly slide down will annoy even the calmest of eyeglass wearers...

10) Cosmetics make us, not our glasses, look better. When using hairspray, perfume or dying your hair, take off the glasses as cosmetics can damage both the lenses and the frame.