Outlet Optika


In Riga there are plenty of shop signboards that have this nice sounding name “outlet” written on them but not always they live up to given expectations from this name. In those shops pretty often you can find goods that are not only dubious about adhesion to some global brand but also deceive the consumer flatly because the real meaning of the name “outlet” is betrayed and price of particular item is set disproportionately high in those shops.

That is exactly why we have combined the nice sounding name “OUTLET” with equally beautiful sounding “OPTIKA” in creating optical outlet salons that aggressively and convincingly defends the very essence of outlet and says: only qualitative eyeglasses and sunglasses from the leading global designers with a discount up to 70% from starting price of a collection!

Optical salons

  • Biķernieku Street 160

  • K.Zāles laukums 8 (shopping center Ostmala)

  • Tērbatas Street 20

  • Kr.Valdemāra Street 37

  • Strelnieku street (shopping center Šokolāde)

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Memory game

Rules of the game

Press on the square to see the picture hidden under it. When opening other pictures try to find the same picture that matches the first one opened.

The aim of the game

Find the pairs of pictures in the shortest time possible and by using as few moves as possible.
At the end of the game share your score on social networks and compete with other participants.